Global Messages

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These Photographs are part of a temporary “Available Space” Exhibition touring Europe. Using everyday public buildings and structures / indoor and out, to display. Contents are a selection of prints with narrative incorporated , revealing a snippet of the Culture portrayed and provoking thoughts / Global messages on Environmental issues. The idea of the open venue’s is to make the exhibition more accessible to the public, therefore creating a wider audience to pass on a message of Educational, Environmental and Cultural understanding.

Yes people, i am an Optimist! I believe in the “Domino / Butterfly / Rippling Effect”. We are at a decisive turning point in an always – cumbersome dance between Humans and Nature.  If I can change just one persons views, or even just help to open their minds upon looking at these images, It may eventually lead them to make a change. As the “Effect” aforementioned suggests, their new found drive and beliefs will spill over to their family, friends and colleagues.



~ by Treasa Giblin on September 5, 2011.

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